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Hi, I'm Alex. I'm an an advanced Reiki Practitioner, an Animal Communicator and a Certified Angel Practitioner.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a very close connection with all the animals in my life. Two cats, a dog, and two horses were my best friends. Because of this connection, I've decided to make healing and communicating with animals my life's purpose. Part of my empathy for animals has been the knowledge that the language barrier between animals and humans creates a disconnect between pets and their caretakers despite a person's best intentions. 

Several years ago I began practicing Reiki on myself, friends, loved ones, and of course, my pets. Through the use of this healing practice (and love), I was able to transform two abandoned cats into healthy, loving companions. But something was still missing.  I wanted to know, really know, how my animals were feeling. Were they content? Were they bored? 

This need to understand my animals led me to learn how to connect with animals on a higher level. In the beginning, I had my doubts that the information I was receiving was accurate, but through continued practice, the messages I received became stronger and I found that I no longer doubted this medium.

In fact, I found that most animals gave more accurate information than I could ever imagine and were extremely grateful for a platform in which to be heard. Even pets that have crossed over to the other side can be contacted and enjoy speaking with their owners as a way of reassuring them about their safe transition.

I began to incorporate my Reiki practice and angelic channeling with animal communication to address behavioral issues, health problems, missing pets, contact with pets that have crossed over, and the simple desire to want to talk to your pet. 

I have also discovered that both energy healing practice and connecting to a higher source through the angels is a great way to complement veterinary medicine and other holistic treatments to increase effectiveness and optimize healing. 

I conduct readings and give Reiki treatments in person, via telephone, email and video conference from Los Angeles, CA where I live with my two cats, Koto and Ray.