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Healing and communicating with horses is a special gift for the practitioner, the rider, as well as the horse.

Healing horses consists of a combination of communication and Reiki. Any horse can be healed once the underlying problem(s) are uncovered.  This sometimes takes consistent effort and determination and other times, it happens quickly and easily. Horses, like any other pets, can behave in ways we deem inappropriate all because of a failure to understand one another.  A horse would not understand why we do certain things to try to modify their behavior and we do not understand the behavior in the first place.  That’s why I like to combine the two modalities, communication and Reiki, to help you better understand your horse and find ways to make a stronger connection. This applies to physical issues as well as behavioral. Oftentimes it is hard to treat a horse (or any animal) when we have not asked them how they’re feeling, where it hurts, etc. We then end up treating what we think is the problem.  Reiki is beneficial in these instances as the healing energy goes to the areas where it is needed the most. We can also use Reiki to determine whether or not there are any energetic imbalances in the body.
Horses are very sensitive, intuitive and intelligent creatures and one of my greatest passions is working with them.


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Payment is NOT refundable; however it can be rolled over to another session at a later date.

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