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How Can Reiki Help Your Horse Heal?

Updated: Jan 9

Reiki and other methods of energy healing are becoming more and more popular as we move deeper into the age of Aquarius.Many people and even Western medicine are embracing the subtle energetic realm and becoming aware of its healing powers. Energy healing is a technique that works for all kinds of animals. People with dogs, cats, birds, reptiles or even mice often choose Reiki as a medium for help with health and behavioral issues. One of the animals that is the center of attention when it comes to applying Reiki healing is horses.

Reiki is a highly effective form of treatment for horses

Compared to other animals, horses may be considered difficult to treat as they are very sensitive and intuitive. The best part of Reiki is that despite what you may have heard, physical touch, though often very beneficial, is not a requirement. Horses connect with any kind of energy much more easily than humans or even other animals as they are highly spiritual and intelligent creatures. Reiki practitioner scan perform healing from a distance quite safely and effectively when a horse cannot be safely approached. This benefits the healer and the rider but also greatly benefits the horse who may be too agitated to receive a “hands-on healing” while still being able to reap the rewards of the subtle healing energy which would help calm and ground a sensitive and fragile animal.

Reiki using the hands-on approach of healing for horses (with physical contact) is the most popular method, however, Reiki practitioners will often use a combination of both methods during one session, depending upon the one that fitsthe horse best at a particular time. Per Reiki Practitioners in Los Angeles or elsewhereReiki is a scientifically proven method of complementary healing that is used for both animals as well as humans in conjunction with allopathic medicine and other therapies, such as chiropractic treatments, etc. See McManus, David E., “Reiki Is Better Than Placebo and Has Broad Potential as a Complementary Health Therapy.” Journal of Evidence-Based Complimentary & Alternative Medicine, 2017 Oct; 22(4): 1051–1057,

How Reiki works for horses

Reiki can be considered a meditative medium where the practitioner goes into a deeper state of being via which they can communicate with the animal on an energetic realm, feeling out what areas of the body (including chakras) are out of balance.  This works by connecting to the subtle energies that are present in our bodies, minds and hearts. Reiki healers can feel physical energy both intuitively as well as with their hands, both in-person and from a distance. This can be explained as feeling energetic or mild electrical vibrations emanating from the body.

Whether a horse has an ailment on a specific area of the body or if there is an unknown factor affecting its behavior or emotional state, Reiki can help by relaxing and calming the nervous system, balancing the chakras, and getting the energy (or ki) moving in areas where it has been stuck. Meditating, connecting, regularly using Reiki, and practicing compassion are some ways in which Reiki healers tap into the Universal life force energy than runs through everyone. If you are struggling with any abnormal symptoms in your horse, be it physical, emotional or behavioral, it is advised you reach out and get in touch with a Horse healer in Los Angeles to address any non-physical causes that veterinary medicine cannot reach.

Of course, it is best to address any health or behavioral problems your horse may have as soon as possible with a doctor of veterinary medicine to rule out all physical causes. Treating your horse to some Reiki sessions will bring peace and balance to your horse and deepen the connection between horse and rider. At Paws On Reiki, helping animals live their best lives is our life passion. If you are struggling with the thought that your horse may be not feeling or acting their best, we’re here to help. Alex has years of experience as a Reiki Practitioner in the Los Angeles area and has been providing both “in-person” as well as “distance” Reiki sessions in California and other cities within the US. Contact us if you looking for a horse healer or would like healing for any other animals in Los Angeles and other cities.

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