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How to Learn to Use Your Intuition in 6 Simple Steps

Updated: Jan 23

Most people don’t think they have the ability to be intuitive. I know I didn’t. I used to think that psychics and seers were either born with a special, uncanny ability – or were flat out frauds. And while, yes, there are some people out there that aren’t authentic, the truth is, it’s easy to be intuitive.

In fact, humans are built to be psychic! We have a small, pinecone shaped gland in our heads called the pineal gland that’s known to be the seat of clairvoyance and intuition. It’s also known as the “third eye,” which I bet you’ve heard of. The pineal gland is responsible for regulating sleep by releasing melatonin, but it’s also is responsible for giving us an inner compass – one that “knows” things that our minds don’t.

I used to think that I didn’t have any special psychic ability and was always seeking people out who did. Then I wanted to know, why can they see things that I can’t? Finally, I learned the simple secrets of waking up my psychic abilities and using my intuition which I’m sharing with you here.

So, if you long to be a psychic in your own life, you’re in the right place! I’m going to share with you what I learned about how to start using your intuition in your everyday life and turning your life into a magical path full of ease and wisdom.

I used to constantly ignore my intuition. I would have certain feelings in my gut about people, places and situations, but I would talk myself out of these feelings. I would tell myself I was being paranoid or dramatic and even tried to use logic to talk myself out of these feelings.

In the end, I saw that my gut feelings, or “intuition,” was always right. If I’d listened to it from the start, I could’ve avoided abusive partners, dangerous situations or jobs that weren’t the best for me.

This was a constant pattern in my life. I was stuck in a loop of frustrating circumstances because I didn’t trust myself. I was dismissing the advice my body was giving me, and as a result, nothing in my life was working. I became very unhappy – to the point of spending an entire Christmas day in bed crying. I hated my job and didn’t feel I was with the right partner. Something had to change.

I decided to read some self-help books. Namely, this one by Louise Hay. From there I read more books on how to change your life and realized that the key to a happy and abundant life was to tune into my intuition.

When I began implementing what I learned about getting in touch with my intuition, my life started to immediately get better. Things began to miraculously flow. I started to see what action steps I needed to take and did them without much resistance or fear.

Then, something seemingly miraculous happened. I found that I could access information that most people around me couldn’t. Two of my friends told me that I saw animals in places that other people didn’t. I’d be walking down the street with my friend and pointed out a cat in the third story window of an apartment across the street. This began to happen so often, that my friends asked, “how do you do it?”

I had no idea, but I started to get the hunch it was because I learned the secrets of how to work with my intuition. Then, the real miracle occurred – I found I could telepathically communicate with animals.

Here’s how to get started being psychic, and by default, change your life for the better.

Secret #1 – Say no to fluoride. The scary truth is that fluoride is a by-product of aluminum manufacturing. When aluminum manufacturers didn’t know what to do to dispose of this by-product, they came up with the idea to sell it to local governments (to make more money) and add it to the water. They pretended it was necessary for keeping teeth strong as a way to cover up the truth – that it’s a carcinogen that calcifies the pineal gland.

That’s right – it causes the pineal gland, the seat of the soul, to be underactive. Among many other detrimental health effects, fluoride causes us to lose our connection to spirituality and even our divine inner knowing. To put it bluntly, it cuts us off from source.

But don’t panic! All you have to do to rescue your pineal gland or “third eye” is to avoid toothpaste with fluoride and avoid drinking tap water.

Normal water filter pitchers don’t remove fluoride or chlorine so I use a specialized one like AquaGear and even use a filter in my shower like this one because chlorine also damages our delicate microbiome, which plays a role in “gut feelings.”

Secret #2 – Remember the times when you were psychic. Were you recently thinking of a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time and then they called? Did you know to switch lanes on the freeway right before someone merged without looking? Do you ever get bad feelings around certain people?

Whether you realize it or not, these are instances of you using your intuition. Just knowing you’re psychic is half the battle! Remind yourself and tell yourself often “I am psychic” or “I trust my intuition.”

Secret #3 – Get quiet. Set aside some time every day – even 5 to 10 minutes and sit in silence. Turn off notifications on your phone. Tell your partner or your dog to scram and spend some time alone, just observing your thoughts. You cannot be intuitive if you skip this step! You must learn to cut out all the distractions and “just be” in silence.

Even when you go for a run or a hike, try leaving the headphones behind. It may feel odd at first, but I bet you’ll find you begin to crave the silence. It helps to clear all the gunk out of your mind so that you can “hear” the wisdom within.

Secret #4 – Ground yourself. In our modern world, we’re disconnected from nature. Maybe your life is like mine used to be… I used to sit indoors under florescent lights breathing in circulated air all day long. I was unhealthy and disconnected. This is not how humans are meant to live!

As a human, dear one, you’re meant to walk with your feet touching the Earth in order to soak up the healing vibrations that keep your energy running clear and smoothly. Nature is source and the Earth is your mother. Animals, plants, spirits and even fungi, yes fungi, are capable of sending you messages if you’re capable of listening.

So go outside and walk in the yard barefoot. Or sit in the grass or the sand with your toes pressing against your mother (Earth). If you live in the middle of the city where its hard to do this like I do, you can get yourself some shoes or sandals like Earthrunners, which have a copper plug on the bottom that connects your feet to the ground. I run all over the city in them and refuse to hike in anything else these days.

Secret #5 – Use some tricks. Believe it or not, all psychics use some “tricks” to stimulate their spidey senses. You’ve heard of burning incense and sage, right? This sacred smoke helps by clearing your energy fields. I like to burn a stick of all-natural incense or organic dried herbs (sage or rosemary) while sitting in silence.

Or you can simply take a shower or bath – extra credit for using salt water. Have you ever received any advice or other important messages while taking a shower? That’s because the water (and salt) cleanses your aura and leaves you open to receive intuitive messages.

Secret #6 – Journal. After you’ve done all the steps above, practice noticing your intuition and jot down every time you used your intuition. Even make a note of when you ignored your intuition and the consequences of ignoring yourself. The more you get comfortable using it and relying it, the more your life will gracefully flow.

If you’re ready to take charge of your intuition and learn how to talk to animals (and really all sentient beings on this planet), sign up for my Animal Communication Workshop on February 19, 2023!

I’ll teach you:

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· Tools to help quiet your mind and open your heart

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· How to get to the root cause of a behavior

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*Please keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click on the links in this page and make purchases. However, this does not impact my recommendations. These are all products I personally use and enjoy.

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