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Why are pet owners increasingly showing an interest in natural healing remedies?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you treat your pets like your children or at least vital members of

your family. I talk to them, I kiss them, and generally pamper them. That’s why when they

become sick or have a minor health or behavioral issue, we want to do all we can to help

them. No one wants to see their pet suffer and if we think our pet is suffering, it causes us

to stress and worry about them making the situation worse! When we’re not feeling well,

we go to the doctor but we now know that there are other methods of healing that will help

us feel better so why not treat our pets to the same luxuries? We’ve already begun to feed

them higher quality, more natural and biologically appropriate food so it only makes sense

to offer them natural healing as well.

Modern medicine is embracing natural healing

Albert Einstein said, “The future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” Einstein

most likely said this over half a century ago, but his words are finally coming to light.

Modern (aka “Western”) medicine has shunned such healing modalities for years

considering them to be “woo-woo” despite being practiced for thousands of years in the

East. Because science is now studying energy medicine, people in the West are beginning to

take it seriously, even calling it “a new frontier.” (See Kavita, Beri, “A future perspective for

regenerative medicine: understanding the concept of vibrational medicine.”, Future Science

you go the doctor or bring your pet to the vet, “alternative therapies” such as acupuncture,

homeopathy, chiropractic care and more may be recommended. These are all forms of

“medicines of frequencies” as is Reiki. Recall that once upon a time in the not to distance

past, modern medicine believed that what you ate had no bearing on your health. Today

we can’t even imagine how such a preposterous idea could’ve existed! Along the same vein,

if someone told you today that they were going to the chiropractor, you wouldn’t bat an

eye, but years ago it was considered quackery. As science catches up with what man has

always intuitively known, people are seeing first hand that pharmacology is not the end all,

be all of healing.

The best part about Reiki or any type of energy medicine is that there are absolutely no side

effects and it leaves the recipient feeling calm and relaxed. If you would like to try out a type

of natural healing for pets in Los Angeles or anywhere else (energy medicine works just as

well at a distance), you just may want to give Reiki a try.

Why should you try natural healing for pets?

Treating your pets the old fashioned way with copious amounts of drugs seems to work

faster and make your pet look fit and healthy, however this can result in side-effects or

other long-term risks for your pet. I don’t mean to discourage the idea of using medications

when absolutely necessary but to help you understand that there are alternatives for pet

health. We get it. Sometimes you have to give your pet a shot or a pill. But it’s best to keep

pharmaceuticals to a minimum. After my cat Koto experienced congestive heart failure

after receiving a shot of cortisone for itchy skin, I decided to explore alternative healing

therapies. Natural healing remedies can also work great as a complement to veterinary

medicine by speeding up healing and making your pet more comfortable and relaxed. And

best of all, pets love it!

The different types of natural healing procedures

There are many natural healing methods that are used today for pets. Here is a list of them.

 Acupuncture

 Aromatherapy

 Chiropractic

 Animal communication

 Homeopathy

 Herbal remedies

 Osteopathy

 Laser therapy

 Animal Reiki

Out of the above-mentioned ones, animal communication and Reiki are what we specialize in at Paws On Reiki. Many pet-owners have used both Reiki and animal communication to not only heal their furry-friends but also improve their relationship and bond with them. If you’re interested in finding out more about natural animal healing for your pet, feel free to get in touch with Alex, a pet communicator in Los Angeles. Click here to book a session now!

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